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BSON Trading is a platform created to enable everyone, whether experienced or not, to invest profitably in the cryptocurrency financial market. To this end, the platform provides its users with BSON Tokens and some tools as outlined below:

  1. Trading BOT: These are automated software utilizing both proprietary algorithms and algorithms based on traditional financial indicators adapted to the cryptocurrency market. Properly configured, these algorithms can determine the optimal times to buy or sell a cryptocurrency, reducing the risk during market downturns. Users have the option to showcase the profits generated by their BOTs in a dedicated section of BSON Trading called the “Ranking List.”

  2. Social Network: Facilitating the buying and selling of BOTs published on BSON Trading in the Ranking List. This allows less experienced users to utilize pre-configured BOTs that are ready for use.

  3. Cash Back: A financial return in BSON Tokens calculated as a percentage of purchase transactions made by the BOTs.


The Trading BOTs operate continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to seize every trading opportunity.

Using them is straightforward:

  1. Choose the cryptocurrency pair you want to trade.
  2. Decide on the investment amount.
  3. Set the BOT parameters:
    • Choose whether to reinvest the profits, with the “Buy All” option.
    • Select and/or combine multiple algorithms.
    • Define the “take profit” value, i.e., the cryptocurrency price at which you sell and close the position.
    • Define the “stop loss” value, i.e., the cryptocurrency price below which you sell and close the position.

This user-friendly approach allows individuals to effortlessly engage in cryptocurrency trading and take advantage of market opportunities while customizing their strategy to suit their preferences.

BSON Trading provides its users with a testing area (Back testing) where they can test the BOTs before making them operational, allowing for the evaluation of the configuration’s effectiveness over a maximum period of three months.

Each user has the autonomy to choose whether to make their BOT results public in a list called the “Ranking List.” This feature enhances transparency and allows users to showcase the performance of their configured BOTs, contributing to a collaborative and informed community within the BSON Trading platform.


BSON Trading offers its users a Social section where the “Ranking List” is published, allowing users to promote the sale of their BOTs.

Less experienced users can browse the available BOTs, interact with other users, and decide to purchase the most profitable ones, initiating immediate earnings.

The selling price of the BOTs will be expressed in BSON Tokens and determined by the platform based on their ranking in the Ranking List. The buying and selling process will occur through BSON Trading, providing enhanced protection for users. The buyer can only utilize the acquired BOT after receiving the necessary BSON Tokens on the platform. This ensures a secure and transparent transaction process within the BSON Trading platform.

The user can utilize the purchased BOT by setting only the investment amount but won’t have access to view the operational parameters.

Users who have sold the BOT will receive a commission in BSON Tokens for each transaction and throughout the entire period during which the BOT is operational. This commission-based system incentivizes BOT creators to design effective and profitable algorithms, fostering a mutually beneficial environment within the BSON Trading platform.


BSON Trading has implemented mechanisms that increase the value of the BSON token over time, including the CASH BACK program, SELL BOT, and LOOKUP. Additionally, further financial systems are under development to provide support.

With an increasing number of users utilizing the BSON Trading platform, there is a corresponding increase in BSON tokens accumulated by them, leading to an increase in its value.

CASH BACK: BSON Trading has decided to allocate 50% of its commission on purchase transactions generated by the BOTs to return an equivalent value of BSON Tokens to its users. This CASH BACK program serves as a way to provide users with additional value and incentivize continued engagement with the platform.

SELL BOT: The BOT published in the “Ranking List” of the BSON Social Network can be purchased at a fixed cost determined by the platform based on its ranking position. The seller will also receive a percentage of the purchase transactions made by the BOT. Both costs will be paid in BSON tokens.

LOOKUP: BSON tokens accumulated through Cash Back and Sell Bot will be managed through the LOOKUP program, aimed at preserving the value of the BSON token. According to this program, after a period of token accumulation, a percentage will be made available monthly for internal platform use or for sale on the open market.

This approach provides less experienced users with an easy way to make profits, offers experienced users extra earnings beyond trading profits, and benefits all BSON token holders through the increase in its value. The LOOKUP program adds a layer of sustainability and value retention to the BSON ecosystem.



You are at the beginning of your journey. You have little knowledge of the cryptocurrency market.
Buy the most profitable BOTs made by the most expert users.

Free trial for 60 days


You have overcome your initial fears.
You feel ready to face the market on your own.
Choose the cryptocurrencies to invest in and create your winning BOTs.

10$ / month


You are a true champion.
We thought about how to make you earn more.
Publish and sell your BOTs on BSON Social Network and earn from other users’ investments.

$25 / month


You’re at the top of the climb. You have accumulated BSON Tokens.
participate in investment programs on BSON Trading directly in BSON

$75 / month


For an expert user of the platform and trader, accumulating numerous BSON tokens is a likely scenario, and as the platform grows, these tokens will increase in value, providing additional extra earnings for every holder.

The platform, thanks to its strategy trading system, generates continuous buying and selling flows of the BSON token, thereby increasing its value!

Every user is incentivized to promote their own strategies and, consequently, the platform itself through social networks. The more a user sells their strategies, the more BSON tokens they earn. Additionally, as more tokens are circulated on the platform, their value increases. This creates a self-sustaining cycle where user engagement and promotion contribute to the growth and success of the BSON Trading platform, benefiting both individual users and the platform as a whole.

In this way, everyone wins: the less experienced user has the opportunity to make profits easily, the experienced user gains extra income beyond trading profits, and everyone benefits from the increase in the value of the BSON token.

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